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Operation Pupillage

Due to the popularity of my Matrix Chambers post, I thought I could produce another one! This time I take on Doughty Street Chambers.

Let's say a word or two about the founder: Mr Robertson QC or "The Great Defender":

- Clients include: General Pinochet (the dictator of Chile), Julian Assange, (the founder of WikiLeaks)
- The first (and last) advocate to appear in the Revolutionary Military Tribunal of Mozambique
- Former U.N. appeals judge for Special Court for Sierra Leone
- Author of Crimes Against Humanity: The Struggle for Global Justice
- Represented Norfolk Island in the battle against Australian Colonization...

... the list goes on, there is so much more to say! Over 40 years of extraordinary achievements, landmark Human Rights cases, death sentence appeals and remarkable publications. It would truly be an honour to work alongside such a fighter and inspirational character, who doesn't slow down even in his seventies!

Let's look at what he built chambers-…

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